Things To Know About Well Water

If you’re moving into a home that gets its water from a well rather than from a municipal water supply, you might be curious to know more about living with well water and keeping your water supply safe. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Water Testing

You’ll need to have your well water tested annually to be sure you have safe drinking water. Health departments and licensed laboratories can test for contaminants including coliform bacteria and pH levels. It’s also important to inspect your water well El Campo for mechanical issues. If you notice changes in your water quality, or if other wells nearby develop contamination issues, you may need to test between your annual testing times.

Water Quality

Your water testing ensures that the water coming from your well is safe for you and your family to drink. Beyond safety factors, though, there are differences between well water and municipal water. If you’ve never lived in a home with a well before, you may be surprised by some of the differences. Well water is typically hard water and often contains more iron than municipal water. Both of these can affect the taste of your water. They may also result in mineral buildups or rust stains on fixtures such as sinks and toilets.

Benefits of Well Water

Well water can be more affordable than city water, particularly if you are moving to a home with an existing well. Annual maintenance costs are typically much less than the cost of purchasing municipal water. Well water is also an environmentally friendly option. The water comes directly from the ground into your home, so there is no infrastructure needed to transport water from a central reservoir. In addition, well water does not require a treatment facility to ensure its safety.

Living in a home with well water is a bit different from having city water, but once you understand how to care for your well, you can rest assured that your well will provide plenty of safe water for your family.… Read More...

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How to Maintain a Home Water Well

Owning a private water well allows you to enjoy modern plumbing away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Maintaining your well is essential to have safe, clean drinking water for years to come. These tips can help you maintain your well whether it’s brand new or decades old.

Well Pumps

A well uses a pump to send water from the water source to the home. The pumps have many different moving pieces and can fail over time. It is important to use a professional for pump repair Tampa FL. Experienced professionals can properly remove the pump, repair it and place it back into the well without causing damage to other components.

Quality Professionals

Hiring a contractor to maintain your well is a good idea. Many homeowners unwittingly cause more damage when they try to service their own wells. Find reviews and ask for referrals for a quality professional in your area. The company should have any required licensing and certifications for your area. They should be knowledgeable, courteous and experienced in their trade. Do your homework before allowing someone to maintenance or repair your well.

Well Education

A professional is great to hire as they have knowledge and experience, but don’t let them simply work on the well. Ask them to explain what they are doing and why. Knowing how your well operates and what the professional is doing can help you if there is a future problem. If something doesn’t go right when the contractor leaves, knowing what they did can help you get it fixed properly.

Clean Water

Maintaining and servicing your well on a regular basis can help you maintain a supply of fresh, clean water to your home. Avoid soaking the area around the well and keep the well away from any septic or sewage systems to avoid contamination. A little preventative maintenance is a cost-effective way to keep your well running for years to come.

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