Don’t Believe the Myths: Choose an Exterminator

Everyone wants a pest-free home, but unfortunately, pests can invade anyone’s home. If you have a pest control problem, then it may be time to call the exterminator. Before you do, make sure you don’t believe these three myths.

Animals Repel Pests

Some people believe that since they have animals, they might have fewer pests. For instance, how many people do you know that believe that they can’t have a mouse problem if they own a cat? While it is true that cats can hunt and kill mice, they are not always effective at taking out an infestation.

Pest Control Is Dangerous

Pest control is not as dangerous as you might think. Many people believe that exterminators use chemicals that will be harmful to their family or their pets. When you call an exterminator Staten Island homeowner’s trust, you can choose the route that you want the pest control professional to take. Many understand methods that are both human and eco-friendly.

No Infestation Means no Pest Control

Just because you do not have a pest infestation now does not mean that you will not have a pest infestation in the future. When you have backyard pests, they can become overwhelming quickly. Mice, rats, pigeons and even insects like fleas or beetles can cause health problems and allergic reactions. If you see one mouse, for instance, don’t assume that you won’t see another one or that it won’t eventually cause you problems. Instead, you should take care of the pests at the first sign so that you don’t have to worry about the costs and effort that you’ll have to go through during an actual infestation.

Different pests can cause a lot of damage to your property. While bugs can tear up your garden, eat through wood or harm your family or animals, pests like rodents can also tear up your property and spread disease. It is important to take care of it as soon as possible.… Read More...

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