Pros and Cons of Installing a Pond

If you have a large yard or outdoor space, you might be considering adding in a water feature, such as pond, to lighten the space and offer a different environment for wildlife. Installing a pond can be a major undertaking, so considering the pros and cons is important before making a final decision. Some things to think about include aquatic weed control, stocking your pond, and maintaining water circulation to avoid algae build up.


One benefit of having a pond is that you can structure and decorate it to be a calming outdoor environment. Adding a waterfall or small fountain to provide soothing sounds is one way to curate the space for relaxation. You could even add a swing or pagoda to add a comfortable, shady place to sit while you’re enjoying the natural sounds. If you’re able to make the pond big enough, you can even include some koi fish or large goldfish to watch and plants like water lilies for another splash of color. A pond can also be a safe space for various wildlife in your yard to hide and make a home. Animals such as birds, frogs, and skinks will enjoy the lush foliage and moist environment the pond offers.


Like anything in life, there are also draw backs to adding a water structure in your yard. The first, and most common, is invasive plant species. Most ponds need considerable maintenance to keep the flora balanced so no one plant chokes out the others. If you’re planning to use your pond for fishing, then you need to make sure you’re correctly balancing your stock so you don’t overfish or so the fish don’t overpopulate your space.

Adding a pond to your yard can be a great source of relaxation, but you’ll need to keep in mind the potential draw backs before making a final decision. 

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