Obtain High Resolution With a Brother Toner Drum

Printing an important document with the right paper and toner can mean the difference between low quality and high quality results. Of course, there’s more to it than just toner and paper. In order to print images from a laser printer so that they are crisp and precise, it’s important to use a Brother toner drum for a perfect transfer of the images.

Toner Drum

A toner drum is the part of a laser printer that transfers the toner to the paper. The toner is applied to a roller (also known as the photosensitive drum) inside of the drum unit, and letters and images are then transferred from the roller to the paper using heat and pressure. A toner drum that is rated above OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) standards will produce a higher resolution and will generally last longer than a less expensive model.

Toner Cartridge

Many people think that the toner cartridge and the toner drum are one in the same. The fact is that they are 2 totally separate parts. A toner cartridge is the component that contains the powder that is used to make the letters and symbols, while the drum takes the toner from the cartridge and adheres it to the paper.

Replacing the Drum

When the drum unit has reached the end of its lifespan, it will display an error code with the words “replace drum” on the printer. The drum unit can detect when the resolution of the printing process is no longer able to meet its standards and will let the user know. To replace the drum, simply pull out the old piece, remove the toner cartridge from it, install the cartridge in the new drum and insert the new drum unit into place.

When printing a document or picture, it’s important to obtain a sharp printed resolution as the final result. The use of a high grade toner drum can help make this happen. The outcome of the printed image is determined by the equipment that’s doing the printing, so choosing a reputable printer drum can be the difference between sharp lines and fuzzy ones.

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