Essential Items for New Pool Owners

Congratulations! You have taken the plunge and installed a swimming pool in your home. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day, or bracing on a cold one, than a good swim. There’s also nothing more soothing on a long day than a gentle soak in the water. In-ground or above-ground, your pool requires a lot of maintenance. Before that first swim, be sure you have what you need to keep your new pool shipshape.

Sanitation Supplies

Stagnant pool water is the perfect place for algae and other pathogens to grow. Pool pumps and filters reduce this problem, but they don’t do the whole job. You’ll need to buy a chlorine solution or other disinfecting chemicals to add to the water and kill the germs that the pool can’t take care of itself. Only then can you be sure your pool is thoroughly germ-free.

Good Clean Fun

Chemicals will disinfect your pool, but they won’t remove the physical debris and dirt that gets into the pool from outside. For that, you need a pool vacuum.

Automatic pool cleaners Pittsburgh are the easiest type to operate. The suction-side variety is most popular. It moves around the pool and suctions the scum, using the pool’s own pump and filter systems to remove and return the water. Pressure-side cleaners are similar, except they involve a booster pump in tandem with the existing pump to produce high-pressure water, and their filtration capabilities often prove inadequate. Robotic cleaners work completely independent of the pool. You plug them in on your deck, and they move around underwater using their sensors. They have a motor to suck in and filter the water, and then to shoot it back in, and another one to propel them as their brushes scrub the pool’s floor and walls.

As a proud new pool owner, you realize there’s hard work ahead of you. Still, you know it’ll all pay off when you’re enjoying your own slice of aquatic paradise.

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