Choosing the Right Crane for Your Business

It’s time for an upgrade. Your warehouse is busy all day, every day and you know that the more your staff hurries to keep up with orders, the higher the risk of serious injury. It’s essential for your business model to ensure not only the efficiency of your employees but their safety. A bridge crane is a clear solution, but you aren’t sure which type is best for your business.

Single Girder Cranes

A single girder crane uses a bridge beam to run from one end to another in your warehouse. Most commonly, single girder cranes are used for moving big, heavy loads from a loading dock to a storage or production area. While forklifts can theoretically do the same job, a crane is safer because it doesn’t have obstacles to run into and can manage greater load capacities.

Double Girder Cranes

A double girder crane is made up of two beams with a trolley hoist that runs along the tops of the bridge beams. While many of the safety features are the same as a single girder crane, a double girder crane increases the headspace underneath of the crane, so it doesn’t interfere with your shelving or other equipment.

Hoist Selection

One of the most important elements of selecting¬†bridge cranes Chattanooga¬†is knowing what level of hoisting capacity you need. Single and double girder cranes will each have a range of appropriate hoisting options available, depending on what it is that you’ll be moving, the distance that the product will move, and the speed. Safety features are installed to prevent overloading and side pulling and include load monitoring and fall protection.

Your business efficiency, as well as the safety of your employees, can benefit from the presence of a crane in the warehouse. Designing and installing the correct type will positively impact your company.

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