Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Types of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has indeed recently increased in popularity. Besides offering a variety of models and patterns, wooden floors are also very easy to combine with furniture and the style of our residence. Because of the high demands for this wood floor, there are many flooring companies that offer you various types of wood flooring. But, knowing that wood floors are available in various types and each of them has its own unique appearance, ranging from its distinctive color to its physical character that is different from other types of wood floors. Therefore, you will also need to pick which reputable flooring company that can provide you the best quality of wood floors.

Some types of light-colored, like maple wood, some are stronger brown, like oak. And the last is a walnut wood floor with the darkest color among maple and oak wood.

And before you drop the choice of wood floor that will be used in your beloved dwelling, it’s good to recognize a number of different types of wood floors below


  1. Unfinished Hardwood Floor

Unfinished wood flooring is the best choice for those of you who want special coloring before installation. Only after installation, this type of wood floor will be provided with several protective layers. It is highly recommended to choose an unfinished hardwood floor for the kitchen floor.


  1. Finished Hardwood Floor

Unlike the previous types of wood flooring, this type of one has gone through the process of sanding and sealing from the factory. The choice of finished hardwood floor is perfect for those of you who want to quickly finish installing wooden floors.


  1. Solid Wooden Floor

Solid wood flooring has a thickness of 5 / 8-3 / 4 inches. Made from real wood, this type is sanded and distilled repeatedly. Unfortunately, the solid wood floor is weak against damp. For this reason, it is not recommended to be used on floors in basements or rooms with a high level of humidity.


  1. Laminate Wooden Floor

Unlike solid wood flooring made of real wood, laminate wood floors are made from high temperature solidified wood powder. Despite having a hard surface, with a variety of designs and colors, this type is more susceptible to high humidity.


  1. Engineered Wooden Floor


Well, while for Clearence engineered wood flooring is a wooden floor made of real wood which is then glued with several layers of wood at the bottom, almost similar to solid wooden floors. Its advantages offer floor durability for a long period of time. Even suitable to be installed in almost all spaces.

Another advantage of this type of wood flooring is that it is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations and does not bend or stand out easily. In addition, this wooden floor is also cost effective, has a beautiful appearance, and is relatively easier in terms of installation.


Those are some of the different types of wood floors that you need to know. And you should also pay attention to the different … Read More...