3 Keys to a Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is the warm, beating heart of your home. It’s where you cook land it’s often also where you eat. Living spaces are great, but how many parties have you been to where you all ended up standing around in the kitchen? Whether you’re designing or redesigning your kitchen, here are three keys to building the ideal one.


A kitchen that lacks adequate storage is not a functional kitchen at all. You need places to store your tools, dishes, fresh and dry goods as well as other ingredients. A functional pantry and custom kitchen cabinets Sarasota or your area will make your kitchen the beautiful, functional space you’ve always wanted it to be. If you’re working with a smaller kitchen, there are hundreds of tricks and hacks to make your half-sized space do twice as much, in terms of storage. Without adequate storage, you’re stuck using valuable workspace as storage space instead, and that’s a huge waste.


Sufficient workspace is another must-have for a fun and functional kitchen. Counter spaces should be clear of clutter and stored items wherever possible. If you don’t have enough counter space consider building or buying an island or even a simple kitchen table to supplement your flat workspaces. 


A functional kitchen is all about flow. Think about how you move through the space when you’re using it. Consider where people will stand or sit when they’re not cooking, and how that might interrupt your flow. Look at the positioning of the dishwasher relative to where the dishes are stored, the fridge, toaster and coffee pot relative to the kitchen table. All of these can have a huge impact on flow in your kitchen.

However, if you can get all these fundamental things to work together, you can have a kitchen that will be the envy of everyone who sees it. 

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