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Why Hiring A Shipping Container is Preferable to Buying One


The storage industry has changed considerably over the last few years, there seems to be a trend to lease or buy shipping containers. Many business owners are looking at savings that comes with renting or leasing a shipping container.


Portable or Permanent

The shipping container is portable, that is, it can be picked up and moved. If your business is a construction company, a shipping container can go with the work crews from site to site. The container can be used to store items that are needed for the particular job your company is working on at the time.

What you want the container for will help you decide to buy, rent or lease. You have a short-term project, and you want to get a shipping container to store materials during a project. Do you plan to use the shipping container for shipping goods to your customers, on a need to ship basis.

Container sales/leasing/rental companies can tailor plans to suit your needs. What type of container and how long you want it for, the container company can draw up a rental agreement or a lease contract to fit that need.

Container sales/leasing companies clearly define what ‘short term and long term’ means to them. Shipping container sales/leasing companies define two years or less as short term. Long-term usually is 5 to 10 years or longer.

Container sales/leasing companies may have contracts that will fit your needs.


What to Do?

What your company wants or needs the container for should be the deciding factor whether you rent, lease or ultimately purchase a container. Your need for a shipping container is for storage for a period of three to six months, then rent. The need for a shipping container may be from six months to a year, then lease.

You want to use the container for more than a year then maybe purchase the container. The difference between leasing and renting are the terms of the contract. A rental agreement you pay a monthly fee to use the container short term, six months or so. A lease agreement is for a longer duration of possession on your company’s part, a year or more at least. A lease requires a damage deposit, some upfront fees, and the monthly lease payments are paid in advance of the usage period.

Whether you rent, lease or buy, there is going to be a delivery fee for bringing the container to where you want to use it. In a rental agreement, the shipping container sales/leasing company might waive or reduce the cost for delivery.

Their thinking, hey can make up the difference from your rental payments. In a lease contract, the delivery fee is included in some of those upfront payments, as well as the return delivery fee. In a purchase, the shipping container may have already figured the cost of delivery in the purchase price. Another thing to consider is what is the overall cost to your company for the use of … Read More... “Why Hiring A Shipping Container is Preferable to Buying One”

Consider Zinc for Your New Bar Counter


When designing a bar there are so many options for the bar counter top – perhaps the most important part of any bar structure – that it can be difficult to make a choice. Zinc has become a popular option for bar counters and has been widely used in traditional bars, restaurants and cafés in Paris. Hygienic, stylish and offering a natural finish, zinc makes a good choice for bar counter tops.


What is zinc?

Zinc is a mineral and has been extracted from the earth and worked since ancient times. It became popular and was used in large quantities in India in the 12th century and is now the fourth most popular metal in use (it is used in alloys including brass). Zinc is also an essential mineral and is used in a prepared powdered form as a dietary health supplement, giving zinc metal a natural appeal.


Why is zinc a good choice for bar counter tops?

Perhaps the closest alternative to zinc is stainless steel. Unlike stainless steel, however, zinc is a warmer, more reactive and charismatic choice. For these reasons zinc has been referred to as “The living metal” because of the way in which it reacts to use and its environment. Zinc, unlike stainless steel, will develop a darker blue-grey colour with wear. Although this does take time – up to a year depending upon use – to develop, it offers a unique and appealing aged character. Zinc reacts to the atmosphere in which it is located as well as contact with everything, including human hands and fingers. Unlike other metal surfaces zinc is not for those who require a sterile and ultra-shiny surface and its characteristics cannot be duplicated. With age and wear the character will develop and yield further rewards. Zinc is also naturally stain resistant and has anti-bacterial properties which are beneficial when creating a bar counter. Zinc is also easy to clean requiring only wiping with soap and water.


Working with zinc to form bar tops

Because it is softer than some other metals zinc is easily formed to shape and can even be laid over existing appropriate surfaces. Zinc will also take patterns and decorative moulding easily. These qualities do not detract from the durability of zinc.


Getting it right

Choosing zinc may seem a less obvious option for a bar counter but it has many benefits. Sometimes it helps to discuss using less obvious materials with specialists. There are many companies that specialise in providing zinc for private and commercial uses as well as those that are specialists in creating bespoke bars such as Dawnvale. It will help anyone considering using zinc for a bar top to make contact with such a company and seek their specialist advice. Zinc can be more expensive than other bar top options so obtaining reassurance and making sure that every detail has been clarified can bring peace of mind as well as help in choosing the right supplier … Read More... “Consider Zinc for Your New Bar Counter”